AYSO Team Requirements

From the desk of Brandy Buell at CYSA.

In order for an AYSO team to participate in a Cal South tournament this is what is required:

                            Player registration form/medical release.

                            Player card.

                            Team roster for Travel with all proper signatures.     

                            Application for Travel with all proper signatures.       

AYSO allows teams to participate in non-AYSO tournaments with permission as stated- but individual players are not allowed. If they are to play as a guest on a team, they need to register with Cal South and be covered by your insurance. A non-AYSO tournament cannot be defined as an AYSO-sanctioned event, which is the condition under which our players are covered by our medical insurance.

If you have further AYSO related questions, please feel free to e-mail Margie at margieclose@ayso.org.

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